Wednesday, 12 January 2011

All done

After nearly three years at BofA Merrill Lynch (formerly known as Merrill Lynch - or the wall street firm where ex ceo johnny thain spent millions on refurbishing his world financial centre office but where no attention was paid to junk credit products while they were being marketed)... This monday was my last day. Upon receiving an acceptance letter from a US b-school i decided that my time had come and that i was surely on to something else... Something new, something different, something more challenging. And so, i am hoping that in the months to come this blog and i will become close friends, maybe more than that... As it will be my companion in this journey that i will soon be commencing. A few weeks of rest and "re adaptation" to the real world that stands outside of my cubicle and off to spain for a few weeks. After sorting out some admin / personal chores, that's where all the fun will begin. Ad infinitum... Now that i have regained my freedom, my posts will become much more frequent and, hopefully for the audience, much more interesting and entertaining. Stay tuned folks...